Follow That Spark (Post from #StaceyLogic)

This is a post from my personal blog, #StaceyLogic. I delve into my freelancing decision a bit so I decided to share an excerpt here. Follow that spark (Seriously, just do it.) The last five months have been a roller coaster, and let me tell you, I am not a fan of roller coasters. I have had to make some HUGE changes. One of those changes was deciding to join the self employed world and … Read More Follow That Spark (Post from #StaceyLogic)

Why I decided to quit my job and work for myself

Why I decided to quit my full time job and work for myself

I am the type of person who likes a regular schedule and a steady paycheck (Who doesn’t love a steady paycheck, though. AMIRIGHT?!). My husband has worked jobs that have been commission based, and the inconsistent paychecks made paying our bills hard to do. In fact his current job is still commission based, but he has regular accounts therefore it’s more consistent. I never thought I’d want to put myself in the position where I … Read More Why I decided to quit my full time job and work for myself

Stacey Bartron Freelance WordPress Design

Watch out world, Stacey Bartron has gone freelance

Introducing Stacey Bartron Designs Yep, you read that correctly. I am now operating under Stacey Bartron Designs. And I am so very excited about this venture that I can hardly keep the smile off from my face. I will get into my decision to go freelance into another post, I just need to let the world know because I have been sitting on this news for the last two weeks wanting to yell it from … Read More Watch out world, Stacey Bartron has gone freelance

Let't talk about logos featured Image

Let’s talk about logos

Let’s talk about logos… or more specifically, my logo Logo design…it can be a tough one. I came up with several different logos in the process of creating a brand for my portfolio. I think it’s toughest to create a logo for yourself.  You don’t hand it off to a client after it’s approved, you are constantly looking at it and have the ability to change it.  #designerproblems This was one version of my logo. … Read More Let’s talk about logos

Website Launch:

Proud to (finally) launch Well, the time has finally come. I have decided to quit picking over small details and launch my new portfolio. This has been a work in progress for over a year. WAIT, what..a year?? Yes, a year, I have the hosting renewal bill to prove it. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it a priority in my life or else it would have been launched months ago. Total time I spent on … Read More Website Launch:

My Ramblings on one year with WordPress

So, the other day I was bumming about my list of goals I set in April after I attended WordCamp. And today, I was going over my list again, and it hit me, I have been working with WordPress just over a year, and that helped me put everything back into perspective. 365 days doesn’t actually feel like that long of a period of time, but when I think about the last year, it feels … Read More My Ramblings on one year with WordPress

My Ramblings on WordCamp Minneapolis

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to go to my first WordCamp in Minneapolis.  If I had to choose one word to describe this weekend it would be amaz-fun-tastical (I didn’t say it had to be a real word, now did I). Not only did I learn a lot, I left feeling so inspired and refreshed. I have a long list of goals now that I will be accomplishing and a long list of things I hope to … Read More My Ramblings on WordCamp Minneapolis