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This is a post from my personal blog, #StaceyLogic. I delve into my freelancing decision a bit so I decided to share an excerpt here.

Follow that spark (Seriously, just do it.)

Warning: Semi mushy post alert. Proceed with caution.

The last five months have been a roller coaster, and let me tell you, I am not a fan of roller coasters. I have had to make some HUGE changes. One of those changes was deciding to join the self employed world and freelance full time.

gif of roller coaster

For those who don’t know, I am now freelancing as a Web + Graphic Designer under my own name, Stacey Bartron Designs.  It’s been just over a month and I couldn’t be happier. I am also scared, what happens when my current projects are done?  Am I going to make it? I have no clue and no one else can really answer that question.  I am doing this by myself, I don’t have any colleague to turn to when I have a question. I have google and my work ethic and my family. Shout out to my sister who I should be paying to proof everything and for keeping me (semi) sane. I am hoping my work ethic, word of mouth, and my customer service skills will help me out along the way.

This post is getting a bit off the point, which is to follow that spark that makes you happy (I know, I know, super cheesy. I am channeling my inner Shia).

(End of Excerpt)

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