September 2016 Recap

AND JUST LIKE THAT, it’s October. Wow, time could slow down a bit so I can enjoy the fall season, that would be great. But alas, that’s not going to happen, so I best be just getting to it.

Website Launched: AFBIS, Inc.

September was pretty much dedicated to finishing up and setting live the website for AFBIS, Inc., which I hinted about in last month’s (super late) recap. I will be adding it to my portfolio soon, so be sure to check back to that and read about all the details that went into this project.

Screenshot of AFBIS, Inc. Website

WordPress Website Training Instagram Post

WordPress Training Sessions

Along with setting the website live for AFBIS, Inc., I also completed a three day training session with the people who will be in charge of it.

We went over all of the WordPress basics of how to use their site, I taught them about SEO, and how to use their staging environments. It was a blast!

I am still working on the weekly HeroPress blog images too! Check out some of the featured images I created in the month of September below:

HeroPress Essay from 9/07
HeroPress Essay from 9/13

HeroPress Essay from 9/21

HeroPress Essay from 9/28

Overall, September was a very busy month, but as you can see, coffee kept me going.

October already has me on my toes updating some sites for clients and diving back into a project that we put on the back burner. I am also hoping to get some new blog posts out this month so stay tuned.

I now have some room on my slate for some new projects this month so let’s talk!

September Stats

cups of coffee consumed

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