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2017 Recap Featured Image

Am I doing this? Yes, I guess I am. I feel like a fraud writing about my year when I haven’t blogged a thing since August. But I am focusing on the bigger picture and I am hoping to be writing more in the new year. (that’s what I always say 😬)

Honestly, I can’t believe I am even writing this already, because I feel like I was just writing my 2016 year end review yesterday but that is how it goes, right?

Breaking down the year

2017 has been good to me, especially the last 4 months. So let’s break down the numbers…

2017 in numbers

New Clients
Websites Launched
Wireframe Projects
Blog Post
Minutes of Music Streamed

I cringe when I see the blog post number, I really do. I’ve also done a handful of graphic design projects and jobs, but I really don’t even know how to count or categorize those.  The ‘Minutes of Music Streamed’ data is from Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped Holiday campaign, which is really cool and you should check it out if you use Spotify.

ICYMI: In May, I was featured on the iThemes blog about my love for freelancing. You can check it out here.

What’s good, 2018?

starting the year off strong

I am going to be carrying 3 web projects over into the new year that should be launching early January so stay tuned for those! I also have some web projects lined up and starting mid-January and a handful of ongoing work that will be keeping me busy.

General Business 2018 Goals:

  • Blog more (I say this every year…)
  • Update my portfolio regularly (I say this every year as well…)
  • Launch a redesign/new branding for my business that has been in the back of my head for the last six months (ok but this probably won’t happen but it’s good to dream 🤞)

learning and growing

I feel growing and bettering myself is fundamental as a freelancer and in order to do that, I need to challenge myself and keep learning. I tend to put this on the back burner because we only have so much time in a day but I need to make sure this stays in focus throughout the year.

How am I going to do this in 2018?

  • I am going to try to get to more WordCamps this year because I always learn so much and they are a great way to better myself as a designer, developer and human.
  • I am also going to be dedicating 4 hours out of my week to learn more about the upcoming Gutenberg update to WordPress to ensure the process is easy as possible for my clients.

health and habits

Any healthy habits I once had went out the window this year. I tried to use the ‘freelancer hustle’ excuse to justify it but I can’t really keep doing that. It is way too easy to forget this part when I work out of my home and I don’t ‘punch out’ and leave for the day. I haven’t really figured out a solid plan of action on this front yet, but I know it starts with taking breaks and getting out of the house more often. If anyone has suggestions, let me hear them!

thank you.

Thank you to my clients for supporting me in 2017 and thank you for your continued support in 2018! Sometimes it still catches me off guard that I am running my own business and that I am capable of doing all of this on my own. Honestly, 5 years ago I never would have thought I would be my own boss but here I am doing my thang so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

👋 So long 2017, it’s been real.
Happy New Year!
I hope 2018 is prosperous and brings great things for everyone!

Hi Friends, it’s been awhile!

This just in, we are 224 days into 2017. Wait, this isn’t a new flash for anyone else is it? I am going to sound so cliché, but where has the year gone? Embarrassing to say but this is the first post I’ve made in 2017.  Mostly because I have been pretty busy, but also because I need to come up with a blogging schedule and stick to it (my dearest clients, do as I say, not as I do!).

So this is the first time I have really sat down in my office for probably a good month. Not that I haven’t been working. I have just been working out of my bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Why? Well because the upstairs of my house has been in shambles trying to finish up what started as a “small” home project (and what grew into a monster of a project) and my basement was turned into a spray paint booth and well, my office was closed off.

There is always a but…

That really isn’t any excuse for my lack of blogging or social media game, because I should be better with this stuff but sometimes, you get a bit burnt out and need a break. And guess what? I just got back from a week break at the lakes with my family and oh boy was it needed.

Relaxed, refreshed, & ready to go

Feeling refreshed as ever, I have a long list of stuff I need to get done like updating my portfolio, updating my website, come up with a a social media and blogging schedule to name a few.

I also have a long list of clients emails and requests to get back to from being on vacation last week which is going to be taking priority right now but good things to come.

Just stopping in to say that I am here, I have been been busy. 2017 has been good to me so far and I am excited for the rest of the year!

Year End Recap Featured Image

Erm, so where did those monthly recaps go? I was doing so well too but I have been busy! So I am thinking I am going to try to do them quarterly instead starting off with my year end recap! I honestly wasn’t sure when I would be able to get this out, but alas, I took an hour to throw it together so let’s dig in.

Guys, I had a pretty good 2016

I might be the only one to say this but 2016 was a stellar year for me, professionally speaking. I made the move to work for myself, I got some kick butt clients, I met some really cool people, I went to some amazing conferences. I can’t stress enough how great this year has been for me.

Granted, the numbers really don’t scream that I have accomplished a lot, but it feels like I have.

Year End Stats

Websites Set Live
Logos Designed
Blog Posts
Conferences Attended

Favorite moment of 2016?

I would have to the coolest opportunity I had in 2016 was writing my essay on HeroPress. To be included in such a cool project was an honor and I am just so happy that I was given the chance to share my story.

If you missed it and want to check it out, click the picture below!
HeroPress Stacey Bartron Feat Image

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I want to give a shout out to all of my clients and the people who have referred my services in the past 9 months. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for you guys! You all are what made my year so amazing and I cannot wait to continue to grow in 2017!

2017 is coming in hot

2017 is going to be starting off strong. I have a pretty big project that I am carrying over into 2017 that I hope will be wrapped up soon and I have a couple other projects in the works.

Hoping everyone had a great 2016 and will have an even better 2017!

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WordCamp US 2016 Recap & Review

WordPress Community, I love you. Philadelphia, I love you. Winter weather I came home to, I do not love you.

WordCamp US is over and done and I am a little sad about it. It was the biggest WordCamp I have attended and the fourth total WordCamp I have been to and let me say, it did not disappoint. WordCamp US was everything I wanted and more. It was informational, it was inspiring, it was fun, it was full of swag (swagful?? Can I make that a word? *FOCUS STACEY*) and it was exhausting. That’s a whole lot of things.

The venue where it was held, Pennsylvania Convention Center, was beautiful and the location was perfect. The layout of the rooms were perfect. Really, I don’t have one negative thing to say about the convention. I think the planners and the organizers really did a great job.


The struggle of having a fully stacked line up of awesome speakers is trying to pick what ones to go to. Obviously I didn’t make it to all of them but I will be watching them what I missed WordPress TV. There wasn’t a talk that I went to that left me unsatisfied, but I had my favorites.

The talks I took the most away from or left me feeling the feels

Supercharge ⚡️ by Luca Sartoni – This talk wasn’t actually on the schedule because it was a fill in, but holy buckets, was I glad I was there for this talk. He went over how to negotiate prices as a freelancer and this dude hit the nail on the head.

Let’s Encrypt! Wait. Why? How? by Nancy Thanki – Because HTTPS is a thing that needs to be taken seriously and Nancy made it interesting and explained it thoroughly and eloquently.

WordPress & SEO in 2016 by Joost de Valk – Mostly this talk validated what I have been doing and saying to my clients. Quality content, permalinks, and structure are of utmost importance when it comes to SEO.

Computational Design and Inclusion by John Maeda – This guy was just awesome. Funny, charming, moving. Great talk.

But honestly, every talk I went to was great and I recommend watching all of them on WordPressTV.

Philadelphia, I feel you.

This city is pretty great. It’s going on my list of cities I love (Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis). People were friendly, there was Holiday cheer, the food was amazing. I finally got myself some amazing ramen at Hiro Ramen House and I am kicking myself for not going back before I left. We took some friendly advice from a Philadelphia resident (shout out to my buddy Ian), we went to Reading Terminal Market and the famous Federal Donuts. And of course, I had to go to and try Capogiro Gelato Artisans which is “#1 Ice Cream Spot In The Entire World By National Geographic” and indeed, pretty darn good.

Wait, it sounds like all I did was eat, which actually is pretty accurate but we did some sightseeing. We also went to the Mütter Museum, which isn’t for the faint of heart, but I freaking loved it. Weird, slightly disturbing, and informational, my cup of tea. We did some walking around to area parks and enjoyed the Christmas village.

We didn’t see everything we wanted to see or eat everything we wanted to eat, but that just means we have to go back eventually (oh darn).

To sum it up…

It was a seriously great time. Again, a giant thank you to the sponsors, the community, the organizers, the speakers, and the volunteers who made WordCamp 2016 amazingly fun. You all are all awesome.

AND JUST LIKE THAT, it’s October. Wow, time could slow down a bit so I can enjoy the fall season, that would be great. But alas, that’s not going to happen, so I best be just getting to it.

Website Launched: AFBIS, Inc.

September was pretty much dedicated to finishing up and setting live the website for AFBIS, Inc., which I hinted about in last month’s (super late) recap. I will be adding it to my portfolio soon, so be sure to check back to that and read about all the details that went into this project.

Screenshot of AFBIS, Inc. Website

WordPress Website Training Instagram Post

WordPress Training Sessions

Along with setting the website live for AFBIS, Inc., I also completed a three day training session with the people who will be in charge of it.

We went over all of the WordPress basics of how to use their site, I taught them about SEO, and how to use their staging environments. It was a blast!

I am still working on the weekly HeroPress blog images too! Check out some of the featured images I created in the month of September below:

HeroPress Essay from 9/07
HeroPress Essay from 9/13

HeroPress Essay from 9/21

HeroPress Essay from 9/28

Overall, September was a very busy month, but as you can see, coffee kept me going.

October already has me on my toes updating some sites for clients and diving back into a project that we put on the back burner. I am also hoping to get some new blog posts out this month so stay tuned.

I now have some room on my slate for some new projects this month so let’s talk!

September Stats

cups of coffee consumed

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August 2016 Recap

I realize it’s already HALF WAY through September and I am late to the game getting my recap post out, but I have been crazy busy with stuff that I will recap in the September post (cliff hanger, so be sure to come back here in October).

August Happenings

August was a busy month as well, I was finishing up the last touches on a site that is in the process of going live (again, more deets in the September recap).

As I discussed in last months post, I have been creating blog images for the weekly HeroPress essays. For those who don’t follow my social media accounts (but you really should, just saying 😉 ), I was asked to share my WordPress story for HeroPress! This was a huge honor for me and I am very grateful for Topher for asking me to share my story!

Check out my HeroPress essay by clicking the featured image I created below. 👇

HeroPress Stacey Bartron Feat Image

I also updated my services page and my portfolio. Yes, I got very ambitious in August and checked some items off my list.

Networking #likeaboss

I attended FargoConnect 2016 on August 30th. For those who are not Fargoians, FargoConnect is “Fargo-Moorhead’s premier marketing communications and technology event.” This is my second year at FargoConnect and I know for sure I will be back next year. It is so fun to see area businesses coming together to learn and hear from some amazing speakers. Check out some of my Instagram photos below!


Fargo Connect

Overall, August was an amazing month. September is already off to a kick ass start and I am ready to see where the rest of the month leads.

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Wait a second, I just blinked for a hot second and it’s already August? Summer is flying hence why I am mixing two recap months together for one post. I have been keeping busy here in my home office and in the some of the finest lakes Minnesota has to offer.

I am still working on some exciting stuff for AFBIS, Inc and Radiant Homes. I am also working on some small changes for the Enclave site so stay tuned for those!

Topher DeRosia from HeroPress, whom I met at Prestige Conference in May, contacted me in June to see if I was interested in makings some blog images for their weekly essays, and of course I accepted and I have been making those weekly for him for the past 6 weeks, and as you can tell from this blog and my personal #StaceyLogic blog, I love making blog images. See some of my favorites below:

Blog Image for Road to WordPress
Blog Image for We're Making Family
Blog Image for New Person

Summertime in the Midwest

The first week of July, we went up to Marcel, MN to spend the week at the lakes. This was our second year up in this area and it was a blast. We fished, swam and relaxed the entire week, it was pure bliss. My husband and myself also have been taking out our boat to lakes in the area throughout the summer and getting some fishing in any spare time we have. We are lucky to have a handful of lakes within an hour of Fargo, so needless to say we have had a fun summer so far.

What’s next for Stacey Bartron Designs?

What do I have on the board in the next coming month? AFBIS, Inc should be going live in August so I will alert everyone via social media when that happens. I also need to update my portfolio, I have made some fabulous projects in the last 5 months, and I want to showcase them. I have some exciting things happening in the next coming months, so be sure to check back.

Have a Happy August everyone! Be sure to keep cool and enjoy rest of the summer.

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