2017 Year End Recap

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Am I doing this? Yes, I guess I am. I feel like a fraud writing about my year when I haven’t blogged a thing since August. But I am focusing on the bigger picture and I am hoping to be writing more in the new year. (that’s what I always say 😬)

Honestly, I can’t believe I am even writing this already, because I feel like I was just writing my 2016 year end review yesterday but that is how it goes, right?

Breaking down the year

2017 has been good to me, especially the last 4 months. So let’s break down the numbers…

2017 in numbers

New Clients
Websites Launched
Wireframe Projects
Blog Post
Minutes of Music Streamed

I cringe when I see the blog post number, I really do. I’ve also done a handful of graphic design projects and jobs, but I really don’t even know how to count or categorize those.  The ‘Minutes of Music Streamed’ data is from Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped Holiday campaign, which is really cool and you should check it out if you use Spotify.

ICYMI: In May, I was featured on the iThemes blog about my love for freelancing. You can check it out here.

What’s good, 2018?

starting the year off strong

I am going to be carrying 3 web projects over into the new year that should be launching early January so stay tuned for those! I also have some web projects lined up and starting mid-January and a handful of ongoing work that will be keeping me busy.

General Business 2018 Goals:

  • Blog more (I say this every year…)
  • Update my portfolio regularly (I say this every year as well…)
  • Launch a redesign/new branding for my business that has been in the back of my head for the last six months (ok but this probably won’t happen but it’s good to dream 🤞)

learning and growing

I feel growing and bettering myself is fundamental as a freelancer and in order to do that, I need to challenge myself and keep learning. I tend to put this on the back burner because we only have so much time in a day but I need to make sure this stays in focus throughout the year.

How am I going to do this in 2018?

  • I am going to try to get to more WordCamps this year because I always learn so much and they are a great way to better myself as a designer, developer and human.
  • I am also going to be dedicating 4 hours out of my week to learn more about the upcoming Gutenberg update to WordPress to ensure the process is easy as possible for my clients.

health and habits

Any healthy habits I once had went out the window this year. I tried to use the ‘freelancer hustle’ excuse to justify it but I can’t really keep doing that. It is way too easy to forget this part when I work out of my home and I don’t ‘punch out’ and leave for the day. I haven’t really figured out a solid plan of action on this front yet, but I know it starts with taking breaks and getting out of the house more often. If anyone has suggestions, let me hear them!

thank you.

Thank you to my clients for supporting me in 2017 and thank you for your continued support in 2018! Sometimes it still catches me off guard that I am running my own business and that I am capable of doing all of this on my own. Honestly, 5 years ago I never would have thought I would be my own boss but here I am doing my thang so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

👋 So long 2017, it’s been real.
Happy New Year!
I hope 2018 is prosperous and brings great things for everyone!

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