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Let’s talk about logos… or more specifically, my logo

Logo design…it can be a tough one. I came up with several different logos in the process of creating a brand for my portfolio. I think it’s toughest to create a logo for yourself.  You don’t hand it off to a client after it’s approved, you are constantly looking at it and have the ability to change it.  #designerproblems

This was one version of my logo. I can’t really say many good things about it. I thought I was content with it, until one day I just wasn’t.  I love the color grey.  I seriously have grey touches in every room of my house. I think that is why I went with it for this logo, but this logo is super bland in my opinion.

Second Draft Logo
I came up with my current logo while doodling one day, I wasn’t even thinking about logos to be honest, I was just doodling my initials, and BAM! There was my inspiration.

Doodle of Logo Inspiration

Is it the most original logo ever? Probably not.  Do I love it? Yes, I do.  It’s simple and clean and that’s what I was looking for.  The main emblem is the font Nexa Rust Script but you won’t find these letters in the actually typeface choices.  I took the letters and customized them to look how I want.  I actually think I used 5 different letters to make the two combined.   I think that is what I love about it, it’s unique to me and not easily reproduced.  The bottom font is Sinkin Sans, which is a very clean Sans Serif font.

Stacey Bartron Logo

That’s about all I have to say about my logo design.  Let me know your thoughts. I love critiques from other people, it opens my eyes to perspectives I haven’t seen and I think they are the best way to grow as a designer.

Until next time,
-Stacey Bartron