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This is a post from my personal blog, #StaceyLogic. I delve into my freelancing decision a bit so I decided to share an excerpt here.

Follow that spark (Seriously, just do it.)

Warning: Semi mushy post alert. Proceed with caution.

The last five months have been a roller coaster, and let me tell you, I am not a fan of roller coasters. I have had to make some HUGE changes. One of those changes was deciding to join the self employed world and freelance full time.

gif of roller coaster

For those who don’t know, I am now freelancing as a Web + Graphic Designer under my own name, Stacey Bartron Designs.  It’s been just over a month and I couldn’t be happier. I am also scared, what happens when my current projects are done?  Am I going to make it? I have no clue and no one else can really answer that question.  I am doing this by myself, I don’t have any colleague to turn to when I have a question. I have google and my work ethic and my family. Shout out to my sister who I should be paying to proof everything and for keeping me (semi) sane. I am hoping my work ethic, word of mouth, and my customer service skills will help me out along the way.

This post is getting a bit off the point, which is to follow that spark that makes you happy (I know, I know, super cheesy. I am channeling my inner Shia).

(End of Excerpt)

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Why I decided to quit my job and work for myself

I am the type of person who likes a regular schedule and a steady paycheck (Who doesn’t love a steady paycheck, though. AMIRIGHT?!). My husband has worked jobs that have been commission based, and the inconsistent paychecks made paying our bills hard to do. In fact his current job is still commission based, but he has regular accounts therefore it’s more consistent. I never thought I’d want to put myself in the position where I might not be getting regular paychecks. As much as I try to be a “go with the flow” type of person, I am not.

One does not simply go with the flow

That’s probably why I am the most shocked with my decision to go freelance. I had my moments (and still do) where I was asking myself “Hey Stace, love you girl but quick question. What. Are. You. Doing??”. So what helped aid me in the decision? I am a list person. I like my check lists, grocery lists (even though I always forget them) and pro/con lists. I wrote down all of my reasons why I thought it was a good idea and a bad idea for me to go out on my own. I cleaned up and detailed out the top 5 pro’s on my list and decided to share it with the world. Drum roll…

My top 5 reasons that made me decide to quit my job and freelance

Warning: Get ready for an onslaught of cheesy inspirational quotes, feels, and Stacey rants.

1) Do what you love, love what you do

I love what I do. No kidding. I love web development. I love graphic design. I love WordPress. I love learning and challenging myself. That’s a lot of love flowing around, I know. I was at the point in my previous position where I wasn’t learning and being challenged enough. I know some people won’t understand that, but having a new challenge is what keeps me getting up and going to work. When I am truly excited about something, I dive in and don’t come up for air until I absolutely have to. What I was doing wasn’t quenching that thirst. I was proficient at what I was doing, but proficiency is basically the opposite of being challenged.

2) I realized I had a great ideas

I am going to toot my own horn here, so stay with me. I am not sure how many Stacey rants people had to sit through (too many, I know), but one day after one of my rants, I realized I was making a damn good point. I started to keep a mental note when my rambling actually lead up to a really good idea or a valid point and I started to gain confidence. My ideas may not be perfect, but I know that I have some well rounded ideas on how to run a business, grow a business, and keep people happy in a business. I have never managed another person or department before, but I manage myself and get stuff done better than people who have managing experience. I am dedicated and focused to my profession. Now maybe I am late to the game in realizing this about myself, but when I added all of this up, I realized I wasn’t living up to my own potential. I am still not 100% sure what I am doing in all aspects (erm, self employment tax?), but it’s nothing I can’t figure out.

3) Trust and respect

Side note: Most jobs I have worked at had these type of rules in place when it comes to the points I am bringing up. I honestly feel these are outdated workplace trends.
These two are whoppers, I know. The fact that I am a self starter and I got my job done, yet I had to adhere to a schedule, track my time, have my internet monitored much to how I was treated in high school, didn’t sit right with me at any job. Tracking billable time is obviously very important. Making sure I tracked my time sitting waiting for my computer to restart or time spent chatting with a co-worker, I didn’t like. It gave me extra anxiety and I felt I had to be extra productive when I was already ridiculously productive right out of the starting gate. Even if those restrictions weren’t directed at me, I felt like the harder I worked, the more restrictions were put on me. I am probably coming off as a whiny and privileged young person, but 95% of the time I worked hard at every job I had and I have references to back that up. As much as I joke around, at the end of the day I am an adult, as are the other people in most workplaces. If you can’t trust those people you hire to do their job, then why hire them?

4) You just never know…

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.Thomas Edison
I know, the cheesy cringe worthy quote about missed opportunities and taking chances. I am so guilty of using them, but for the most part they are true. I am doing something I never thought I would/could be doing. 6 months ago, I would never thought I would be my own boss. The thought of freelancing actually scared the bejeebs out of me. But I am doing it and I am figuring it out. I will either be really good at it and love it or I will figure something else out. One week into it, I am freaking elated and I have had a smile plastered to my face since I started this adventure. Please note, I am only one week into it and I am a realist (almost to a fault) so ask me again in a couple months how I feel about it.

5) When the pro/con list doesn’t add up

At the end, my pro/con list was pretty even. I need to stress this wasn’t an easy decision to make. I lost sleep and stressed if I was doing the right thing. Sometimes, you need to tear up the pro/con list and do what is best for yourself. And that is what I did.

Now for the gushy part

The support I have received so far has been overwhelming to say the least. To the people who have supported me and the people who have always been there for me and are my backbone when I need one. The ones who believe in my skills, recommend my services, and have been promoting me since the second I made the decision to do this. I mean this from the bottom of my heart… thank you.

Blowing a kiss

I am already busy with a couple projects and have a couple more in the works. This feeling in itself is something amazing, that I am doing this, my own way, on my own terms. I cannot wait for what the next year is going to bring. Here is new exciting adventures.