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So, the other day I was bumming about my list of goals I set in April after I attended WordCamp.

Tweet Goals

And today, I was going over my list again, and it hit me, I have been working with WordPress just over a year, and that helped me put everything back into perspective. 365 days doesn’t actually feel like that long of a period of time, but when I think about the last year, it feels like it has been so much longer.

In the last year, I have worked on over 20 WordPress websites and over half of those, I have managed the design process from the beginning to end. And I have started to delve into development side of WordPress. I have made custom post types and custom templates for those custom post types. Now that is something I am proud of.

I was lucky enough to get to redesign the first website I made when hired by BNG Design.


All in all, after I put things in perspective, I have accomplished a lot and I am pretty happy with myself.