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Wait a second, I just blinked for a hot second and it’s already August? Summer is flying hence why I am mixing two recap months together for one post. I have been keeping busy here in my home office and in the some of the finest lakes Minnesota has to offer.

I am still working on some exciting stuff for AFBIS, Inc and Radiant Homes. I am also working on some small changes for the Enclave site so stay tuned for those!

Topher DeRosia from HeroPress, whom I met at Prestige Conference in May, contacted me in June to see if I was interested in makings some blog images for their weekly essays, and of course I accepted and I have been making those weekly for him for the past 6 weeks, and as you can tell from this blog and my personal #StaceyLogic blog, I love making blog images. See some of my favorites below:

Blog Image for Road to WordPress
Blog Image for We're Making Family
Blog Image for New Person

Summertime in the Midwest

The first week of July, we went up to Marcel, MN to spend the week at the lakes. This was our second year up in this area and it was a blast. We fished, swam and relaxed the entire week, it was pure bliss. My husband and myself also have been taking out our boat to lakes in the area throughout the summer and getting some fishing in any spare time we have. We are lucky to have a handful of lakes within an hour of Fargo, so needless to say we have had a fun summer so far.

What’s next for Stacey Bartron Designs?

What do I have on the board in the next coming month? AFBIS, Inc should be going live in August so I will alert everyone via social media when that happens. I also need to update my portfolio, I have made some fabulous projects in the last 5 months, and I want to showcase them. I have some exciting things happening in the next coming months, so be sure to check back.

Have a Happy August everyone! Be sure to keep cool and enjoy rest of the summer.

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